"The church where miracles happen."

We are a church whose roots go back to the Day of Pentecost. We are Apostolic in doctrine, Holiness in living and Pentecostal in experience.

Our Church is a family-oriented church. It is our belief that a strong church is made up with strong families. We provide a strong spiritual support system for our many families, both traditional and single-parent homes. We are very multicultural. Salt Lake is quickly becoming a melting pot of many nationalities. 

Missionary and Sis. Bounds arrived in Salt Lake City in August 2004 as Metro Missionaries not knowing where they would live or even have services. God was very gracious in giving many souls for their labor. Pastor and Sis. Rice arrived in October of 2008 to continue the vision and purpose while the Bounds have moved on to begin a new labor for the Kingdom of God

We believe in a miracle working God. The supernatural ministry of Jesus is still in effect today. He still heals, delivers and fills with his Spirit. He reaches into every area of humanity. From financial miracles to physical healings, it is Gods will to heal and bless the entirety of a persons life. It will not take you long to recognize that this is a place where someone can be delivered from bondages such as pornography, homosexuality, and infidelity. When the Spirit is flowing, the healings are present.

We invite you to join us in person. You can e-mail me at
pastorrice@msn.comOr call 801 355 1323 for free Home Bible Study or free transportation. We invite you to be Holy Ghost empowered through the Ministries of The Pentecostals of Salt Lake. Where Families are Finding a way of Hope.

Pastor Ronald Rice

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